Rebecca has been involved with dogs throughout her lifetime, growing up with West Highland White Terriers. It wasn't until she left home that she became involved with her chosen breed the Dalmatian and later the Canadian Eskimo Dog. She currently shares her life with a Miniature Jack Russell Terrier called Peanut and two Dalmatians; Walter & George.


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Through her passion of training her Dalmatians she became aware that as a breed they didn't take well to the 'Traditional Methods' used in some training clubs and was determined to show that Dalmatians are just as trainable as the Border Collie with the correct motivation! Since then she has had successes in not only the breed show ring owning the UK Top Dalmatian Stud Dog 2004 & 2005 but also gaining very respectable places in Open Obedience and Open Agility Competitions. She has also trained her Dalmatians in Heelwork to Music and Road Dog Accreditations within the British Carriage Dog Society's events, having herself judged the Nationals Carriage Dog Trials 2009.


Late 2004 Rebecca set up 'Paws', firstly as a Dog Walking Service then expanding to Canine Behavioural Services and Training Classes. Rebecca has a Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour & Training.