Dog Training Courses

We run two six week courses that cover the basic requirements for pet dog owners, the first is basics and the second is a natural follow on from this or if your dog has got a few of the basics already.


Our courses are held outdoors in secure paddocks which helps your dog train in 'real life' surroundings, it is sometimes a bit colder than the average church hall that most dog training classes are held in but when have you ever needed your dog to recal back to you in a church hall?!


Your first session we build the basics and there will be just you, your dog and your trainer present. In the following sessions we use our own dogs as distractions to help you gain your dogs attention whilst there are other dogs playing around you just as you would find out on your average walk.


The sessions are structured but if there is one specific area that we identify your dog needs more work on then we tailor your sessions to suit, there is little point practicing a 'sit' if your dog is doing it perfect but will not walk on a loose lead!


For full details select either Beginner or Further Training from the menu bar to the left. To book a course, please email with a preferred start date and time. We train mid day to early afternoon Midweek and Sundays.